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Who we are, how we arrived here and things we saw on the way. Includes discography.
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++ New Gigs ++
We will be playing a couple of gigs in July with our friends from Germany, the wonderful Woog Riots. Huddersfield and Leeds are the places: you'll find more details on the gigs page.

++ Soundcloud ++
You can now hear our tunes streamed on Soundcloud:
Other News
19/07/10 - Wolverhampton Gig Footage
There's a couple of tracks from the gig we did in July in Wolverhampton with the Wedding Present up on Youtube:
Keep Watching The Skies
They Found It Buried In The Ice

Thanks again to Kirk.

01/11/09 - live tracks from Leeds
There's murky video footage of the gig we did in Leeds with Persil on 22 October 2009 via these links:
Sunset Yellow
The Ex-Members Of The Fall Club

Thanks to Kirk.

03/07/09 - live tracks from the Half Moon, Putney
In July 2009 we played on a great night in Putney with Decoration and the Wedding Present's Terry de Castro. You can watch video clips of two songs on Youtube:
Buildings Go Up & Buildings Come Down:
There's Something Dead In The Road:

11/01/09 - 'It Must Be The Pipes' video
Some kind soul has put together a photostory video to our single, 'It Must Be The Pipes'. Watch it on Youtube here:

21/08/08 - Facebook
We're now on Facebook, should anyone want to join the global fanclub. Find us here.

* * *
02/07/08 - Debut single out now!
Our debut single, 'It Must be the Pipes', is out now on CD via Topplers.

* * *
Volume 2 of The Beautiful Music's Television Personalities tribute / covers project is now available. More details can be found on the official Myspace page. Early copies come with a second CD of extra material, which includes the Container Drivers doing a ropey live version of 'A Picture of Dorian Gray', a studio version of which was our contribution to the first volume of the project... which is...

Still available! 'If I Could Write Poetry: A Tribute To Television Personalities'. A 20 track compilation album from Canada's The Beautiful Music, featuring cover versions and tributes to this cult British band. The CD includes our version of the TV Personalities 'A Picture of Dorian Gray'. Early copies of the album also include a bonus 10 track CD that features our live version of another TVP number, the classic 'Part Time Punks'.

Old news / blog here.
Previous Features
Sounds Like The Wedding Present Radiokeg - Wedding Present cover - 20/07/2010
Container Keg collaborated with our friends from Germany, the Woog Riots, on an electro pop cover of the Wedding Present track 'No'. This was for a tribute project to TWP's 1989 LP 'Bizarro', for which they busied themselves touring the world in 2010 to mark its 21st anniversary. This project was done under the name Radiokeg. Future solo work and collaborations are a possibility...

Radiokeg - 'No'.
Download the single track as an mp3 [320 kbps]:
Or grab the whole covers LP mp3s here (85.56MB):
How I wrote MES The Ex-Members of The Fall Club
The Container Drivers have a track on the Fall tribute 'A Tribute To The Fall - Perverted By Mark E.' Put together by the Woog Riots, the CD was released on 3 May 2004 on the German ZickZack label. Read the background story about how we came to record our tribute to The Fall here.

Copies can be purchased from the Woog Riots.

Woog Riots:
ZickZack label:
September tour diary Tour diary & photos September 2004
Part 2 of the 'Perverted by Mark E' tour saw the Container Drivers accompany the Woog Riots, Knarf Rellöm and the Crashing Dreams to south Germany and Switzerland.
Read Keg's tour diary and see some photos too.

Bull and Gate 'Perverted' night, 9th October. See some photos here.
June tour diary German tour diary & photos June 2004
The Container Drivers returned to Germany in June 2004 for three gigs to promote the 'Perverted by Mark E' tribute, with the Woog Riots, Rockformation Diskokugel, Knarf Rellöm and others. Despite fighting off an attack of the 'flu, it was a triumph!
Read Keg's tour diary. Tour photos are here.
Perverted launch party Perverted by Mark E - launch party photos
The Container Drivers travelled to Darmstadt in May 2004 to appear at the launch party for the Fall tribute CD. Compered by DJ Klaus Walter, the evening witnessed live performances by Gerald Wrede, Krite, the Woog Riots, the Container Drivers, Chris Cacavas and Rockformation Diskokugel. See photos of the evening here.
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